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COAMS Wins the Voluntary Work Prize

Prof. Youssef Al Eissa has honores COAMS student's club a prize for wining (The Best Vouluntary Work) Which was about ( Safety and Security inside University) at the Cultural Program Ceremony.

EMS Intern Faisal Al Moaiqel Best Poster in SEMA 2015

With great pleasure, the EMS Department would proudly congratulate Faisal Al Moaiqel, intern in EMS program, College of Applied Medical Sciences, for receiving an award for best poster presentation for the research abstract at the Saudi Emergency Medicine Assembly (SEMA 2015).

Winning Posters in the 6th Scientific Conference

The College of Applied Medical Sciences would like to congratulate the following students for winning the best posters in the 6th Scientific Conference:

  1. Osama Al Rjeh, EMS Intern.His topic is Assessment of Anxiety Level of Emergency health care workers by Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7(GAD-7) tool.
  2. Mr. Ibraheem Asiri, RT Intern.His topic is A prospective analysis of Arterial Puncture Related Complications  in ICU.
  3. Mr. Nawaf Al Obaidi, RT Intern.His topic is Correlation Between Serum Electrolytes and Arterial Electrolytes.

The COAMS wish to all those who won the best ahead in their future.

2nd EMS Scientific Day

The Emergency Medical Services Department of the COAMS, KSAU-HS has successfully held its 2nd scientific EMS day on 03 February 2015. This event was held in COAMS, Large Auditorium, which was packed to full seating capacity with 300 attendees. The attendees were from a diverse spectrum including students, lecturers, clinical instructors, residents, physicians and consultants and other EMS personnel and agencies who took time to participate in this medical event.

Participation in the Conference

Dr. Maha Al Turki, Assistant Professor, Clinical Nutrition attended the Journal of Macro Trends in Health and Medicine conference 2014 in Paris from 19- 20 December 2014.

Simulation Workshop

 The Emergency Medical Services Department, COAMS, KSAU-HS, has conducted the Simulation Workshop on Wednesday 17th December, 2014. The aim of the workshop is:

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