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First Aid Workshop

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department has conducted "First Aid Workshop" in cooperation with students' club from the College of Applied Medical Sciences. The workshop was mainly focused on providing first aid for the most important emergency cases, which are supposed to be made aware to the community in order to educate them on dealing with each of those emergency cases.

Occupational Therapy Awareness Day

The Saudi Occupational Therapy Association has conducted the Occupational Therapy Awareness day on Thursday, 06 November 2014, in cooperation with the Occupational Therapy Club in King Saud University and Virtual Medical Academy.

Stroke Awareness Campaign

  The Emergency Medical Services Department has conducted the Stroke Awareness campaign in cooperation with the Students’ Club from the College of Applied Medical Sciences under the theme “Let’s Take Care Of Our Lives.”

The 8th CAMS Deans Committee Meeting in Saudi universities

 King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences has conducted the eighth CAMS Deans committee meeting in Saudi universities with the participation of 23 colleges and it was sponsored by the University President H.E. Dr. Bandar Al Knawy. The Deans were honored by interacting with him and listening to his guidance.

Welcoming the EMS Students

The EMS Department arranged a small gathering to welcome the students (Batches 5 &6). Dr. Mohammed Al Mutairi, Chairman of EMS Department, gave a brief presentation about the policies and the regulation in the University in general and in EMS Department specifically.

Dr. Nawfal Al Jerian, Director of EMS Department, informed the students about the importance of following those regulations in order to achieve the best results during the Academic Year.

Dr. Abdullah Al Anazi, Dean of College of Applied Medical Sciences, and Dr. Majid Al Salamah, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, joined the welcoming which was arranged by the Department.

Al Hammad in the Photography Competition at the 5th Scientific Conference

Mr. Rayan Al Hammad, Clinical Laboratory student, College of Applied Medical Sciences, participated in the photography competition at the 5th Scientific Conference of Higher Education Students in K.S.A. Mr. Al Hammad won a prize for being one of the best photographers in the competition.

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