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Respiratory Therapy Graduation Party 2018

May 14, 2018 A day to member!

Graduation Party for the EMS Batch 8 Graduates

The Batch 9 has recently arranged a surprise party for the Batch 8 students to celebrate their graduation. The students invited the faculties and the administrative assistants in the department.


Ms. Eman Al Juhani also arranged a small gathering for the Batch 8 to share the happiness of their graduation as that will be reflected on their academic performance and to create a motivating, happy & respectful work environment among staff & students.

party3  party1  party2

At the end, the Batch 8 appreciated & thanked the administrative assistants with simple gifts. The Emergency Medical Services Department wishes all the best to the graduates.  

Saudi Health Simulation Conference 2018

Dr. Ahmed A.  Alanazi, Assistant Professor of Audiology and Speech Pathology, presented a scientific paper titled "The 1-3-6 Timeline and Interprofessional Simulation Training" at Saudi Health Simulation Conference 2018, Riyadh. In which, he talked about the importance of the hearing screening and diagnosis and early intervention and how to train students and novice health practitioners by the use of simulation to positively influence their knowledge and clinical skills. The conference brought together 65 international and local speakers who addressed several simulation topics from different medical specialties. The conference also included 23 workshops that focused on promoting the best practice in simulation. Eight Saudi universities, 4 international organizations, and many medical simulation companies participated in the exhibition area. 

Health Professions Conference April 2018

Yousef Al Harbi and his colleagues, 4th-year students from the Clinical Laboratory Science department were among the 403 students from the male and female campuses who participated in the recently concluded Health Professions Conference held April 17-19, 2018.

Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign

  On the 1st and the 2nd of April 2018, The Clinical Nutrition Program at COAMS have organized an awareness campaign on Eating Disorders under the slogan "Don’t let the scale define you ... be active, be healthy, be happy".

First Aid Workshop

    The Batch 9 of the Emergency Medical Services Department has conducted "First Aid Workshop in AlRowad Private Schools & Kingdom Private Schools which was mainly about the first aid for the most important emergency cases which are supposed to be taught to the community for how to deal with each of those emergency cases.

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