Phase II: Professional courses

Phase II: Professional courses

Third Year

1st Semester2nd Semester
Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
REST 311 Assessment Skills 3 REST 317 Intensive Cardio-respiratory Care 6
REST 312 Diagnostic Techniques 2 REST 318 Intensive Respiratory Practicum 6
REST 313 Intermittent Cardio-respiratory Care 4
REST 314 Intermittent Practicum 3
REST 315 Respiratory Pharmacology 1 REST 320 Critical Care Course 2
REST 316 Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology 3 CAMS 411 Research Methodology 1 2
Total 16 Total 16

Fourth Year

1st Semester2nd Semester
Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
 REST 411  Sub-acute Care  4 REST 415 Cardio-respiratory   Care Management 2
REST 416 Cardiopulmonary Diseases 3
REST 412 Sub-acute Care Practicum 4 REST 417 Cardiopulmonary Diseases Practicum 5
REST 413 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care 3 REST 418 Special Topics 2
REST 414 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Practicum 3 REST 419  Cardio-respiratory Diagnostic  1
CAMS 412 Research Methodology 2 2 REST 319 Cardio-respiratory Care Education 2
Total 16 Total 15

Internship Year:

  At the end of the fourth year, after completing didactic prerequisites, graduate students complete a one-year internship. The internship program provides the necessary structure, guidance, and support to help graduates develop as they move toward greater autonomy and gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to master increasingly complex tasks. The program follows a competency-based model of learning and skill acquisition structure.
  The competency-based model consists of four clinical areas based on the structure of the Respiratory Therapy Program curriculum, where the students move from one area to another as they advance in the program and incorporate practical base competencies.
  To meet the program’s goals, students are expected to acquire specific competencies in each area as described here: general wards, adult critical care, neonatal and pediatric care, and cardiac care. Ultimately, students are expected to qualify to work as a full-time staff member.