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Library Membership

Anyone who has the privileges of borrowing the services and resources of the library by the KSAU-HS and NGHA under the Administrative Policy and Procedures for Health Sciences Library 1422-05 must be registered in the circulation system of the CAMS Library (APP for HSL 6.8). The circulation policies are presented and explained to each borrower as he or she entered into the system. Each borrower will be issued a Library Card; this card must be presented before a transaction may take place.

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Borrowers Responsibilities

  1. Borrowers are responsible for the care of library items borrowed from the Library until the items have been discharged at the Library.
  2. Borrowers should report lost or stolen borrowers' cards to Circulation immediately, so that the Library may block use of the card.
  3. Borrowers should keep track of due dates for items they have checked out.
  4. Borrowers should return material promptly by the due date or the renewal date. The Library fines as per policy of APP-HSL on users who do not return items by the due date. There is no grace period for overdue material.
  5. Borrowers should respond promptly to all notices to help minimize the occurrence of overdue fines.
  6. Borrowers must clear all obligations with the Library before leaving the University.

Inter Library Loan

Borrowing Books from another Library (Inter Library Loan)

The Library has reciprocal borrowing privileges with the University and affiliated institutions' libraries. Faculty, staff or students from the University may borrow the library items through the inter library loan service from these libraries.

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