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Important Reminder: KSAU-HS is a SMOKE-FREE University No smoking

  • Other Disciplinary Penalties

    • Verbal warning.
    • Barring the student from taking the examination in one or more block or course.
    • Cancellation of student’s registration for a semester.
    • Dismissal from the college for one semester or more.
    • Total dismissal from the College\ University.
  • No Smoking Policy

    • Smoking is not allowed within the boundaries of the University Campus and NGHA premises at any time.
    • Any student caught smoking will be put on a Registry of Smokers and will be subjected to a disciplinary program in accordance to the instituted policy and procedure:

      A. Verbal warning.

      B. Written warning & counseling.

      C. Refer to the Office of Associate Dean.

  • Car Sticker

    • Officially enrolled male students of the university will be issued with KSAU-HS car stickers through the Office of Student Affairs upon presenting of the following documents:

      A. Valid car registration (Estimarah) has the name of the student or his father.

      B. Saudi ID.

      C. Valid driver’s license.

      D. Student’s badge.

    • Students should fill up the car sticker issuance form online and submit. Then the students are advised to inform the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Only car with KSAU-HS car sticker will be allowed to enter the university premises.
    • Students should park their vehicles in the designated area only.
    • Violation of the student’s parking plan will result to the towing of the car and payment of the penalty fee by the student as well as disciplinary actions for repeated offenders.
  • Students Rights ByLaw

    Students Rights Bylaw

  • Study and Examinations Bylaws


  • Locker Rooms

    • Individual lockers will be provided for free to the students throughout the academic year.
    • Students need to fill up an application form at the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Students will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of their lockers.
  • Email Account

    • Each student will be assigned an email account.
    • Students must change their password once their email account is issued.
    • Student affairs will use Emails as an official means of communication with the students.
    • Students should check their Emails at least once daily.

Home Students Student Guide