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Study Plan and Curriculum Structure

  The curriculum of the four programs offered by CAMS (i.e., Emergency Medical Services, Respiratory Program, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and Occupational Therapy) consists of two phases. The duration of the courses for each program is four years.

Phase I:Pre-Professional (Preparatory Four Semesters, which are offered to all health science colleges).

  Students from all Health Science Colleges attend the first three semesters together. The students are offered intensive English language courses throughout these semesters to strengthen their English language. This will enable them to communicate fluently, as English is the instructional language while studying the professional courses. This phase also introduces students to the basic concepts of general and medical science that are needed for higher-level education in the Health Sciences.

  Arabic language skills, Islamic values, and Medical ethics are also taught in the first semester. In the second semester, courses in Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics for health sciences are offered. In the second academic year, courses in Biochemistry, Behavioral Sciences, Biostatic and Introduction to Evidence-based Medicine, Computer Sciences, and Informatics are offered during the third semester.

   During the fourth semester, the students in all three programs study Anatomy and Physiology, Principles of Diseases, Basic Pharmacology, Medical Ethics, and Patient Safety and Health Profession Education. At this point, students also begin to take courses in their specialty area. Introduction to Emergency Medical Services will be offered to the students of this program, while Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Sciences will be covered by the Laboratory Sciences program students. Those in the Respiratory Therapy specialty are offered Introduction to Respiratory Therapy, while Occupational therapy will be offered similar courses.

 Curriculum Outline

First Year


1st Semester2nd Semester
Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
ENGL 101 English Communications skills and writing I   5 ENGL 111 English Communications skills  II  2
ENGL 102 English Language Structures and Drills I 4 ENGL 112 English Language Structures and Drills II 2
ENGL 103 English Academic Reading & Vocabulary I 5 ENGL 113 English Academic Reading & Vocabulary II 4
ARBC 101 Arabic Language Skills I 2 ARBC 111 Arabic Language Skills II 4
ISLM 101  Islamic Culture  BIOL 101 Biology for Health Sciences 2
CHEM 101 Chemistry for Health Sciences 2
PHYS 101 Physics for Health Sciences 2
Total 18 Total 18


Second Year


1st Semester2nd Semester
Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
ENGL 201 Medical Terminology 2 PMSC 211 Anatomy & Physiology 4
ENGL 211 Advance English Grammar 2 PMSC 212 Principles of Diseaces 4
ENGL 212 English Academic Reading & Vocabulary I 5 PMSC 213 Basic Pharmacology 3
BIOC 211 Biochemistry 4 ETHC 201 Medical Ethics and Patients Safety 2
BIOS 201 Biostatistics & Introduction to EBM 2 EDUC 201 Health Professions Education 3
BHSC 201 Behavioral Sciences 2 ----- Introducory Course      2    
COMP 201 Computer Science & Medical Informatics 3
ELEC 201 Elective Course 1
Total  18 Total  18
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