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Mr. Jayachandran Vetrayan



  • Master of occupational therapy (MOT) with research, Master of psychology, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT) and with additional professional certification.
  • Life member of All India Occupational Therapy Association (AIOTA) & Associated Member in Malaysian Occupational Therapist Association (MOTA).
  • Professional qualification validated in Association of Occupational Therapist of Ireland (AOTI), Department of Health, Dublin, Ireland. Eligible for registration with CORU.
  • More than 8 years of teaching, supervision & evaluator experience in diploma, bachelor and Master Students in all levels.
  • Experience in research projects supervision to both undergraduates and post graduates.
  • 13 years of clinical experience and sound knowledge in relation to working with older adults / pediatric.
  • Sound knowledge in standardized assessments and evidence based practice.
  • Efficient in research activities, i.e., research grants, peer review journal publications, conference & innovation presentations and human capital on national economic growth.
  • Ability in work independently and team.
  • Good interpersonal, intrapersonal and organizational skills.
  • Work sincere, creative and innovative thinking.
  • Efficient supervisory skills and successfully managing a team to achieve targets or outcomes.

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  • MOT Master of Occupational Therapy – Neuroscience (Full time) with First class honor
  • MSc Master of science in psychology (Distance mode)
  • BOT Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy (Full time) With First Class Honor


  • C/ BG Certified Therapist in Brain gym, Double Doodle (BG 101, BG 105),
  • C/AMT Certified Therapist in Autism Movement Therapy, AMT INC,
  • C/ET Certified Therapist in Electro Therapy Rehabilitation, KMCH,
  • C/KT1KT2KT3 Certified Therapist in Kinesio Tapping Clinical & Advance,
  • CDC/ADL Certified Therapist in CARES Dementia care and CARES ADL for dementia, from Alzheimer’s Association, USA.

  • All India occupational therapist association (AIOTA), Life Member: L-2762/03
  • Academic Council of Occupational Therapy (ACOT). Registration. No: 05603
  • Malaysian occupational therapist association(MOTA), Associate member No -11261
  • 2014 – Till date: Validated by AOTI (Association of Occupational Therapist of Ireland) Ref no # 0/45/14, Department of Health, Dublin, Ireland

  • Jayachandran Vetrayan, Nurulain Binti Abd Ghafar, Smily Jesu Priya Victor Paulraj, Mohd Suleiman Murad (2016). Occupational Performance Role and Satisfaction among Lower Limb Amputees with Different Adaptive Devices Usage, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, in press.
  • Smily Jesu Priya V, Noor Asyikin Bt Alwi, Jayachandran. V (2016). Emotional Behaviour among Autism and Typically Developing Children in Malaysia, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, in press.
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  • Smily Jesu Priya V, Ruwinah A.K & Jayachandran. V (2015). Evaluation of Occupational Performance Imitation Approach (OPIA) on three Imitative Learning among Autism Spectrum Disorder, case series, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol 202, 56-58
  • Nurul’ain S, Smily Jesu Priya V, Jayachandran. V, Ruwinah AK & Dewi alliana R (2015). Effect of occupational performance visuo-auditory imitation intervention on visual perception among children with autism: pilot study, Research Journal of Recent Sciences. Vol. 4 (12) 1-6.
  • Jayachandran. V, Suhana Othman, B. Smily jesu priya. V, (2013) Case Series: Evaluation of Behavioral Sleep Intervention for Medicated Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Journal of Attention disorders. Online 25 March, DOI: 10.1177/1087054713479665 (ISSN 1087-0547)
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  • Smily Jesu Priya V, Jayachandran V, Noratiqah S, Vikram M (2013). Effect of Rehearsal Digit-Span working Memory Intervention on Sensory Processing Disorder in children with Autism: A Pilot Study. Indian journal of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. 7(1):254-258
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Phone:+966 11 4299999

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