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Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign

  On the 1st and the 2nd of April 2018, The Clinical Nutrition Program at COAMS have organized an awareness campaign on Eating Disorders under the slogan "Don’t let the scale define you ... be active, be healthy, be happy".

First Aid Workshop

    The Batch 9 of the Emergency Medical Services Department has conducted "First Aid Workshop in AlRowad Private Schools & Kingdom Private Schools which was mainly about the first aid for the most important emergency cases which are supposed to be taught to the community for how to deal with each of those emergency cases.

Backpack Awareness Day

   On March 29, 2018, The Occupational Therapy Department at KSAU-HS had participated on the International Occasion of Backpack Awareness Day to raise attentiveness in schools.

Online Activities

CLNS program students’ have involved in online activities that aims to educate people about diet and health

Nutritional Infographics

     CLNS program students have created an informative nutritional infographics.

The Biggest challenge

   The biggest challenge is through a comprehensive health program aimed at directing university students to a healthy lifestyle so that helps them to lose weight the right way and reach the ideal weight and maintain health and fitness. 

Home Media News