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World Food Day at the Nursing Home for Elderly

The Nursing Home for Elderly Females in Riyadh has celebrated the World Food Day on the 16th of October 2017.

Online Activities

CLNS program students’ have involved in online activities that aims to educate people about diet and health

Nutritional Infographics

     CLNS program students have created an informative nutritional infographics.

The Biggest challenge

   The biggest challenge is through a comprehensive health program aimed at directing university students to a healthy lifestyle so that helps them to lose weight the right way and reach the ideal weight and maintain health and fitness. 

Healthy Kids: Campaigns & Programs

The Healthy Kids campaign has been conducted under the supervision of “Leen volunteer Club”.


Mr. Kharsan’s Farewell

The Emergency Medical Services Department has celebrated recently the farewell of Mr. Kharsan Al Makhalas as he is leaving the Internship coordinator position.

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