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Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign

  On the 1st and the 2nd of April 2018, The Clinical Nutrition Program at COAMS have organized an awareness campaign on Eating Disorders under the slogan "Don’t let the scale define you ... be active, be healthy, be happy". The campaign aimed to educate the students about the different types of eating disorders and to increase the awareness about the importance of following healthy lifestyle and to avoid unhealthy eating practices. The campaign also aims to change the fat stereotyping and body shape standards among female students. The campaign has a number of interactive corners including:

Corner 1: “The beauty of women in different cultures”: which illustrates the different beauty measures throughout history and across different cultures around the world. The main aim of this corner is to clarify that the beauty measures are variable and unsteady.

Corner 2: “Types of eating disorders” The symptoms of eating disorders and their various types were summarized for the audiences at this corner.

Corner 3: “Why we follow a diet?” This corner explained the physical and psychological damages of following unhealthy/strict diets that are not based on a scientific basis.

Corner 4: “Dressing for Your Body Shape” In this corner, students were introduced to the different shapes of the body and learned how to choose the appropriate clothing for each form and making the most of their shape to boost their confidence.


  Reported by : Dr. Maha Al Turki


 Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign  Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign

Home Media News CLNS Community Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign