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Admission and Registration

Each criterion will be weighted as follows:

  • Accumulative percentage of high school certificate grade = 30%
  • Aptitude Exam grade = 30%
  • Achievement Exam grade = 40%

The rate is calculated based on differentiating between students as follows:

Composite ratio = (Cumulative percentage of high school certificate results × 0.30) + (Aptitude test results × 0.30) + (Achievement test result 0.40)

Example of the method of calculating the ratio:

An applicant with a score of 95.00% in the high school certificate, 85.00% in the General Aptitude Exam, and 80.00% in the Achievement Exam will be calculated for admissions ranking as follows:
Accumulative grade = (95 × 0.30) + (85 ×0.30) + (80 ×0.40) = 86

This forms the basis upon which the differentiation between students is based and is applicable to those who meet the general admission requirements. 

An applicant found eligible for admission will be invited for a personal interview.  The interview is used to provide insight into the applicant’s motivation for attending medical school and his/her understanding of the medical profession.  It also assesses other essential attributes such as commitment to community service, ethical behavior, compassion, leadership ability and communication skills, which are important characteristics of a physician, and qualities that determine the applicant’s suitability for a career in medicine.  The interview is randomly assigned and typically lasts 15 minutes. 
Applicants will receive the invitation for an interview via e-mail and by SMS, immediately following the application submission deadline.

Acceptance Process:

Successful applicants will be sent letters of acceptance showing the date of program commencement.

Application Timeline:

The announcement, selection & acceptance process will be conducted at the end of June and the whole of July every academic year.

Academic Calendar:

  • There will be two years pre-clinical which must be completed, with several Blocks which must be completed in sequence.
  • Further details of the courses can be obtained from College Curriculum .


Home Students Admission and Registration