College Library

The role of the library in health sciences is to provide a learning center where students, faculty members and the staff of the organization can develop the skills and knowledge needed to enhance the quality of healthcare with multidisciplinary approach, which incorporates discussion, lectures and hands-on trainings. Under the vision of College of Applied Medical Sciences, the Library is committed to provide the highest quality of learning environment through innovative methods of retrieving, storage and sharing of information for lifelong learning. With the Core Values of the College:

The library of the College of Applied Medical Sciences is located on the second floor of the Academic Center and serves all students, faculty, and staff of our college. The Library houses extensive collections in the clinical and basic sciences for supporting the curriculums of our departments.

Borrowers Responsibilities:

    • Borrowers are responsible for the care of library items borrowed from the Library until the items have been discharged at the Library.
    • Borrowers should report lost or stolen borrowers' cards to Circulation immediately, so that the Library may block use of the card.
    • Borrowers should keep track of due dates for items they have checked out.
    • Borrowers should return material promptly by the due date or the renewal date. The Library fines as per policy of APP-HSL on users who do not return items by the due date. There is no grace period for overdue material.
    • Borrowers should respond promptly to all notices to help minimize the occurrence of overdue fines.
    • Borrowers must clear all obligations with the Library before leaving the University.

Location and Opening hours

- COAMS - Second floor
- Sunday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM