Excused Report

    • Absences due to illness and other personal crisis can be considered upon submission of a detailed medical report to the Office of Student Affairs within three {3} academic days upon return. The medical report should generally be from National Guard healthcare facilities. In some cases, detailed medical report from other government hospitals may also be accepted. In the other hand, medical report from private healthcare facilities will not be accepted especially if the student missed PBL sessions, clinical rotations and examinations. 
    • Death certificate will be accepted. Students are allowed for three days in case of death of first degree relatives.
    • In case of car accident, students should provide the police report or the insurance company report.
    • Other incidents will be reviewed by Student Affairs Department.
    • Excuses during Examination, OSPE, OSCE, PBL or grade related activity will be forwarded to the concerned departments for their review and recommendations.