Uniform Policy

For male students, they will be provided with the following uniforms a week before the start of the academic year:

  1. A. Two pieces blue scrub suits or green (depends on the student’s program).
  2. B. Two white lab coats.
    • All students are required to wear the assigned uniforms(Lab coat & Scrub suit) while attending their classes in (KSAU-HS or NGHA)
    • All students are required to have a proper haircut,, with a hair length at the back that is not touching the collar of the lab coat while the front hair length should not go beyond the eyebrows, hence making the forehead visible. Hair length should be equal.
    • The allowed scrub suit colors to be worn are (light blue, navy blue or green).
    • Wearing a scrub suit with different colors than the above mentioned ones is a violation and will be subjected to the penalties listed below.

For female students, they should adhere to the Dress Code Policy as stated in the College of Nursing Administrative Policy and Procedure. (CON-APP-018 )


  • A. 1st offense: verbal warning.
  • B. nd offense: written warning letter.
  • C. 3rd offense: will be marked absent for the whole day (not applicable during Mid-term/Final Examinations, PBL, OSPE or OSCE.)
  • D. If a certain student didn’t comply even after the 3rd offense, he will be marked absent again for the whole day until such action has been resolved or compliance is achieved.

Note: on the last day of the weekdays (Thursday) , students can wear casual clothes BUT NOT if they have a practical sessions or a class at NGHA. Also, if they are participating in workshops or activities done by the college, student affairs or student club.

  • A. Lab coat should be worn in practical sessions inside the labs and in going to the hospital.

    B. Jeans and inappropriate clothes are not allowed all the time.