Student Number and Badge

1- Student number is assigned to each student which would identify him in the Student Information System and being used in all student affairs and academic transactions at the College of Applied Medical Sciences.

  • A. The first two digits from (the left) are assigned for the academic year of admission in Hijri Calendar. For example, admission students of the academic year 1436-1437 will have the student number that starts with 36.
  • B. The 3rdand 4th digits are consecutively related to Stream, Gender & Campus. For example, student number with 1-1-1 means (1) stream one, (1) gender=male and (1) campus Riyadh.
  • C. The last four digits are serial number starting from 0001.
  • D. The student number will be like this as an example: 36-1-1-1-0001.

2- All students are required to put on their badges and be clearly visible at all time while they are in the university, National Guard hospital and its premises.

3- In case of loss or expired, students are advised to report it immediately to Student Affairs Department.

4- The cost of replacement will be shouldered by the students. If a student badge is found, please return it to Student Affairs Department.


  • A. Students without their badges will not be rendered services in Student Affairs Department.
  • B. For the 1st time, a verbal warning will be established.
  • C. For the 2nd time, a written warning letter will be issued.
  • D. If the student hasn’t put on his badge after that, he will be marked absent for the whole day.
  • E. If the student hasn’t complied yet, he will be marked absent again for the whole day until such action has been resolved or compliance is achieved.