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First Aid Workshop

    The Batch 9 of the Emergency Medical Services Department has conducted "First Aid Workshop in AlRowad Private Schools & Kingdom Private Schools which was mainly about the first aid for the most important emergency cases which are supposed to be taught to the community for how to deal with each of those emergency cases.

Backpack Awareness Day

   On March 29, 2018, The Occupational Therapy Department at KSAU-HS had participated on the International Occasion of Backpack Awareness Day to raise attentiveness in schools.

“Fundamentals of an Effective Presentation”

Dr. Marwh Al Driwesh, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology at the College of Applied Medical Sciences, KSAU-HS, conducted a workshop entitled “Fundamentals of an Effective Presentation” on 21st of March, 2018 to COSHP female students.

Research Development Workshop

On 8th of March 2018, Dr. Maaged Al Akiel, Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics at the College of Applied Medical Sciences, KSAU-HS, conducted an interactive workshop entitled “Research Development”.

World Food Day at the Nursing Home for Elderly

The Nursing Home for Elderly Females in Riyadh has celebrated the World Food Day on the 16th of October 2017.

Online Activities

CLNS program students’ have involved in online activities that aims to educate people about diet and health

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