Occupational Therapy Awareness Day

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Occupational Therapy Awareness Day

The Saudi Occupational Therapy Association has conducted the Occupational Therapy Awareness day on Thursday, 06 November 2014, in cooperation with the Occupational Therapy Club in King Saud University and Virtual Medical Academy.

The event took place at Large Auditorium, King Abdulaziz Medical City. Educative lectures and exhibition about the importance of Occupational Therapy were included in the agenda of the event. One of the conference objectives was to show the different roles an occupational Therapist could take and the different types of Occupational Therapy intervention with different areas such as Neurology, burn, pediatric and psychology.

The lectures was about the sensory integration and integrated listening system (iLS) intervention with children, Occupational Therapy intervention in ICU and introduction to prosthetic rehabilitation (upper limbs).The exhibition showed 13 activities for Occupational Therapy on the following: OT role with prisoners from psychological point of view, OT history, environmental adaptation for people with special needs, wheelchair skills/ trail, adaptive equipment for people with special needs, social services, creative toys, cinema: talk about different skills for Occupational therapists, feel the disability, types of cognitive and perceptual assessment for adult, the outcomes of this event were noticeable from the public reaction towards the new information they received on that day.

Occupational Therapy students and faculty staff of the OT program at KSAU-HS attend the day and interacted with the various activities that took place, our students were enlightened about the important of promoting OT to different target groups and began thinking about conducting similar events.

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Home Media News Occupational Therapy Awareness Day