Dr. Kavita Sudersanadas

Dr. Kavita Sudersanadas



Dr Kavita Sudersanadas is a nutrition educator and scientist with more than 15 years of teaching and research experience, working in KASU-HS as Asst. Professor of Nutrition. She was awarded with Doctorate and Masters in Food and Nutrition from Kerala Agricultural University/India. She has varied research interests ranging from exploring the relationship between nutrition and cancer, epigenetic effects of nutrients in the management of lifestyle diseases and the immune promoting role of nutraceuticals on immune suppressed diseases and application of robotics for well-being. She also wishes to develop nutritional formulations for the convalescent.

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  • Master Degree (Food and Nutrition)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Food and Nutrition)

2016  Letter of appreciation from Dean, College of Applied Medical Sciences for the efforts in accreditation process of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences/NGHA, Riyadh, KSA


 Senior Research Fellowship in Kerala Agricultural University/India.


 Junior Research Fellowship in Kerala Agricultural University/India


 National Merit Scholarship for Post Graduate Stage/India

    • Member of Research Committee, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Ksau Hs/Ngha, Riyadh, Ksa.
    • Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, United States of America *.
    • Member of Saudi Society for Food and Nutrition*.
    • Member of Nutrition Society of India.
    • Member of Indian Dietetic association.
    • Member of Food Scientists and Tecchnologists In India.
    • Member of Editorial Board of Vimala International Research Journal for Pure and Applied Sciences, India.
    • Member of Editorial Board of Boaj Journal of Nutrition, United States of America.

*Under renewal process

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Kavita M S and Karuna M S. Autoimmnune Diseases. Published In New Horizons of Family and Community Science., Felicitation Volume in honor of Prof. Anna George .October 2008

E-mail: sudersanadask ksau-hs
Phone:+966 11 4299999
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