Dr. Rania Al Otaibi

Dr. Rania Al Otaibi

   Raniah has been an important member of the Telomere group contributing to the science and the group as a whole. She also carried out laboratory techniques for the benefit of the Telomere group by contributing to the lab job rota. Raniah was an active member of the Telomere group whereby she was able to trouble shoot problematic techniques and put forward ideas for future research.

   Raniah has always be an enthusiastic, motivated and thoughtful researcher able to plan, execute and analyse her own research projects. She is a confident and conscientious research scientist who takes pride in her work and is considerate of her co-workers. She is able to competently perform a variety of complex cell and molecular biology laboratory techniques and has a detailed understanding of cancer biology that will no doubt be very valuable in her position. Raniah is also a confident and eloquent public speaker and has no difficulty in communicating her findings in research meetings or explaining techniques and data in formal settings. She is an intelligent, friendly and articulate young scientist who interacts well with all other researchers and would be a real asset to any university.

   She is a valued member of the Telomere group.

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2006 Bachelor Degree in Medical Sciences (Laboratory Medicine) B. Med. Sc. awarded by Medical Sciences Department, Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2010 Master Degree in (Medical Genetics) M.Sc. awarded with Merit by Medical Genetics Department, school of Medicine, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

A- Molecular genetics, including molecular pathology, gene therapy, prenatal & postnatal (diagnostic and pre-symptomatic) testing.

B- Cytogenetic, including prenatal & postnatal diagnosis, cancer in genetics, PGD, Karyotyping and FISH techniques.

C- Biochemical genetics, including first and second trimester prenatal screening, neonatal screening & diagnostic testing.

D- Clinical genetics, including single gene disorder, multi-factorial common conditions, cancer genetics, dysmorphology, pedigree analysis, risk calculation, genetic counseling, ethical aspects of medical genetics.

2016 Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine) PhD awarded by Institute of Cancer and Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Member of (British Society for Genetic Medicine (BSGM)) and associate group (Cancer Genetics Group (CGG)).

  • "The role of oxidative stress as a mutational mechanism on telomeric deletion events."
  • "The Frequency and Spectrum of HBB gene mutations in β-thalassemia patients in Saudi Arabia."

E-mail: raniao ksau-hs
Phone:+966 11 4299999
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