Dr. Hassan Al Amri

Assistant Professor, Clinical Chemistry
Program Director of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Dr. Faisal Saad Almajed

Assistant Professor, Clinical Microbiology

Dr. Majed AlAkiel

Assistant Professor, Human and Medical Genetics
Phone: +966 11 4299999
Ext: 95388

Dr. Mohamed Abdelfattah

 Clinical Chemistry Lecturer and Quality Officer

Dr. Naif AlHawiti

Assistant Professor of Hematology

Dr. Ramy Ameen Fodah

Assistant Professor
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Tarig Ahmed Hassan Karar

Associate Professor, Clinical Chemistry

Mr. Ahmad Saleh Abu Jaffal

Lecturer, Biotechnology

Ms. Irene O. Fabra

Administrative Assistant II
Phone: +966 11 4299999
Ext: 95224

Dr. Areej Alhareeri

Assistant Professor, Human Genetics

Dr. Hanan Abdulaziz Alismail

Assistant Professor- Cell and Molecular Biology/ Nanotechnology

Dr. Marwah Al Driweesh

Assistant Professor Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Dr. Rania Al Otaibi

Assistant Professor

Ms. Mona Al Mutairy

Administrative Assistant II
Phone:+966 11 4299999 

Ms. Norah Alnafisah

Administrative Assistant II
Email: alnafisahnksau-hs
Phone: +966 11 4299999
Ext: 99609