The Invasive Cardiovascular Technology (ICVT) BSc is an Undergraduate Program offered by the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS). ICVT BSc is a highly specialized certificate program which is a self-developed program mimicking the top courses in well-known ICVT programs in the world. Graduates will be educationally prepared and clinically competent to assist with the invasive procedures performed in cardiac catheterization laboratory setting. In addition, to meet the national health care demands of the specialty through scientific research, education and providing service.

College College of Applied Medical Sciences.

Campus Undergraduate

Degree BSc, Bachelor of Cardiovascular Technology (Cardiac Catheterization)

Gender Male Only

Years of study 5 years, full time (Includes Pre-Professional and Internship years)

Credit Hours 140

Language English


The Pre-Professional Program

The Pre-Professional Program at KSAU-HS aims at preparing high school graduates to pursue professional studies in health sciences. It provides them with the language skills essential for studying and communicating in an English language medium. Furthermore, it moves the students from high school didactic and passive learning into university student-centered education, and introduces them to the basic concepts of general and medical sciences necessary for higher-level education in the health sciences.

All KSAU-HS students have same study plan in their first three semesters. In the fourth semester, students start taking courses closely related to their health science specialties as the Introduction to Invasive Cardiovascular Technology will be offered to the students of this program.

Courses in this program cover intensive and advanced English, Arabic language, Islamic culture, biology, general and organic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biostatistics & EBM, behavioral sciences, computer applications health informatics, anatomy & physiology, principles of diseases, basic pharmacology, health profession education, medical ethics & patient safety.

Phase Two (2 years)

This phase of the program is conducted at the College of Applied Medical Sciences. This two-year study plan covers specialized course in Invasive Cardiovascular Technology field such as but not limited to*: Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology, Principle of cardiac pathology, Cardiovascular pharmacology, Adult and Pediatric Invasive Cardiology, Cardiovascular Hemodynamics. Students will have also to practice under supervision of their designated mentor during field experience courses in the Cardiac Catheterization or Electrophysiology laboratory. *(See course outline for full details)

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Internship Program

The Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Internship Program of the College of Applied Medical Sciences is a 12-month in 4 medical institutions rotations (3 months each), full time program with a cardiac catheterization emphasis. The rendered internship rotations can allow ICVT intern to acquire skills from different hospitals and to expose to different technologies used in other hospitals. It provides the necessary structure, guidance, and support to facilitate the development of each intern as he moves towards greater autonomy, and gains the skills, knowledge and confidence to master increasingly complex tasks and decisions during their training year. The program follows a Competency-Based Model of learning and skill acquisition structure. By the end of the internship year, interns are expected to be ready to function as autonomous Cardiovascular Technologist with advanced level of competency in all professional areas.