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The Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program will equip the students with a high standard level of education and clinical training in the field of adult and pediatric cardiac catheterization. Upon graduation, student will be trained to work professionally while using highly sophisticated equipment to perform diagnostic and interventional procedures on patients for treatment of cardiovascular diseases as an effective member of the cardiac catheterization team.

The period of study for the Bachelor of Cardiovascular Technology is four years followed by a one year of internship which student will receive an optimum clinical field training in cardiac catheterization laboratory. Students in the program receive coursework in Cardiovascular Physiology, Principles of Cardiovascular Pathology, Coronary Anatomy and Imaging, Cardiac Hemodynamics, Basic& Advanced Cardiac Electrophysiology and Adult & Pediatric Invasive Cardiology. Working under the guidance of a faculty mentor, each student completes a research project, collects and analyzes data, and presents the results in both written and oral formats.


The ICVT program mission is to provide high quality health sciences education, implement research based environment, and advocate community services that promote the health of the society.


The Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program (ICVT) at KSAU-HS seeks to become the first choice for education of Invasive Cardiovascular Technology among other national and international programs and to earn the recognition of healthcare professional organizations..

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Prepare graduates who are competent Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist.
  2. Provide graduates with skills required to design, conduct and utilize research in the field of Cardiovascular Technology.
  3. Enhance community projects and encourage students’ participation.
Home Academics Cardiovascular Technology Invasive Cardiovascular Technology (ICVT)