ICVT 322 - Radiation Safety

College Curriculum

Study Plan and Curriculum Structure
The curriculum of the four programs offered by CAMS (i.e., Emergency Medical Services, Respiratory Program, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and Occupational Therapy) consists of two phases. The duration of the courses for each program is four years.

Phase I:Pre-Professional(Preparatory Four Semesters, which are offered to all health science colleges).
Students from all Health Science Colleges attend the first three semesters together. The students are offered intensive English language courses throughout these semesters to strengthen their English language. This will enable them to communicate fluently, as English is the instructional language while studying the professional courses.


Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation

The QAAA unit in College of Applied Medical Sciences aims to apply an internal quality assurance system throughout the college to increase performance sufficiency according to the certified quality standers by developing the skills of faculty and staff at the college which will eventually achieve the university goals.

The vision of QAAA unit at College of Applied Medical Sciences is to fulfil an unequal excellence in academic performance among all kingdoms’ colleges by achieving continuous development and obtaining academic accreditation for all programs in the college.


Components: Theory
Credit Hours: 2
Course Schedule: Block System
This course will describe the effects of ionizing radiation on cells in the human body. Special emphasis is placed on the biological effects of radiation in the diagnostic radiology field on cellular, organ and organ systems levels. Stochastic and Non-stochastic effects are also discussed. Radiation protection basics and its related quantities will be reviewed. The student will learn the importance of applying the ALARA concept for patient and staff safety. Discussion of regulatory agencies and their involvement in radiation protection will also be included. The student will also learn the essential skills required for safe radiography and fluoroscopy practice as well as the safe handling of radioactive isotopes.